Earlier Updates to those listed on the Home Page:


    October 31st - School (pre WW2) & Events 

    October 11th - Dove Inn + School photos 

    October 2nd - News and Recent Activities 

    September 29th - Some School Photos 

    September 5th - Star Inn, after 2nd train-in 

    August 28th - more pub pictures after 1st train-in 

    August 8th - some pictures of the pubs added 

    July 16th - added various sections in News&Activities  

    July 3rd - introduced new email address  

    July 2nd - Some page rearranging after the meeting   

    June 14th - Carousel extras and titles, More wider pages (100% or 80% if subpage), several Maps added (and viewing options)  

    June 12th - Standardized/stretched photos on Carousel, widened later pages (no list left column), updated News and Records  

    June 8th - Home page tidied (and to Records and Events) + more added/copied to News   

    June 7th - Report of Markenfield visit added under News (copied/acknowledge re Bishop Monkton Today)  

    June 5th - Copyright footer added  

    June 5th - Carousel and Pages extended  

    May 31st - Major change of layout