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Pupils - Christmas 1985

Mrs Blackett's Class November 1978

                                                       Damian Quinn, David Howell, Nicholas Crouch, Philip Hare, Neil Watson, Richard Sharman                                                                                                                         Jayne Lodge, Lucy Wallace, Melonie Heap, Jeanette Smith, SallyAnn Birchall, Julie Waldron                                                                                                                Neil McKeone, Edward Bolton, William Richardson, Sarah Knowles, David Shand, Thomas Wilson                                                        Corrie Swope, Ross Minett, Clifford Blades, Paul Heap, Matthew Barnett, Matthew Barker

Mrs Blackett took the first (reception) class and with each new year's intake in September would always take them on several nature walks around the village.  One was always up Mains Lane and calling at Springfield House, so that they could all have a drink of the well water by Mr Dickinson's front porch (hand pumped) and then an apple, either from a tree or from those already picked and in his apple store. Mr D was then invited down to the school at Christmas where he gave out KitKats to all!

Miss Willis's (Top) Class - 1981

                                                ??, Simon Dickinson, Nicholas Roome, Ashley Horner, William Richardson, ??, Paul Birchall, Mark Cuthbert                                                                                                                                                        Lisa Nicholson, Catherine Osborne, Sarah Nicholson, Sarah Miller,     Miss Doreen Willis                                                                         ??, Lisla Wallace, Kirsty Minett, Claire Sharman, Rachel Barker, Lindsay Sommerville, Louise Walmsley

Middle Class - 1981 or 1982

                                                  Matthew Barker, Simon Wright, Richard Barrett, Edward Bolton, Nicholas Dingwall, Nicholas Crouch, Paul Heap                                                                                                                          SallyAnn Birchall, Glen Anderson, Paul Hemming, Ross Minett, Gary Wilks, Odette Sanderson                                                                        Sarah Beecroft, Victoria Lee, Lisa Houseman, Emma Jones, Liebeth Nicholson, Jane Lodge

Mrs Rothery's Class - 1983

                                                          Mrs Rothery, Matthew Barker, Glen Anderson, Nicholas Dingwall, Damian Quinn, Edward Bolton, Paul Heap                                                                                                              Nicky Howard,Charles Feeny,Daniel Cooke,Jane Lodge,Emma Jones,Lisa Houseman,Paul Hemming,Karl Wright,Nicholas Crouch,Simon Wright,Ross Minett                                                                          Chris Jones, Nicola Holmes, Sarah Sowerby, Helen Wilson, Sarah Posselthwaite, Victoria Lee, Lizabeth Nicholson, Gary Wilks, Stuart Hague                                

1984? Junior Class

1984? and Mr Whiteley

Summer 1988

                                                                     Martyn Evans, Andy Bradshaw, Alex Minett, Daniel Wigby, Ian Walters, ??, Carl Smith?                                                                                                                                                       Ian McKeone, Nicky Jones, Sarah Cragie, ??, Isobel Blaken, Michelle Fisher, Rebecca Payne, ??, James Graham, ??                                                                                                       Juliet Feeny, Rebecca Hargreaves, Julie Clapham, Melanie Chisem,  ??, Victoria Roberts, Jane Macken, Lizzie Watts-Russell, ??, Claire Howell