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The original school building dates from about 1849 - this picture was from possibly around 1950, about its centenary!

  It remained in use after the new school was opened (a back path linked them), particularly with the rise in pupil numbers during the 1980's and despite some extra classrooms and temporary buildings. In later years it was used by the Reception class and then for pre-school.  It was released and sold for private use in about 2000.

As it is today

Construction started on the new school in about 1969

Showing the Masons Arms, Melrose Farm and Outbuildings, Little Garth  owned by the headmistress Miss Willis for many years, Bridgend Cottage/House and then the start of the school construction.  Miss Willis never lived at Little Garth, coming from a farm near Wetherby every day but kept it for weather emergencies (very rare for her!). 

The school in more recent years - from the road

and from the air

The following article was written by the late Eddie Bowes, in the early 1988 and published in "Monkton Matters"