The Dove Inn was situated within the Parish of Bishop Monkton, situated off the A61 towards Wormald Green just by the turning towards Burton Leonard.

The below map from 1854 shows its location

It is thought that the Inn was open from the early 1800's through to almost 1900 and was little more than a front room in a dwelling.  Unfortunately we have not been able to discover any pictures of the Inn. Records are very incomplete but from 1871 we see -

From other sources and census data it appears that Smith Screwton was the Landlord from at least 1851.

We see that there are many people/families living at the Inn.  This is typical of many Inns around this time and is repeated across other Pubs in Bishop Monkton

At this time, 1881, there was a new Landlord and the census data shows that the wife (Elizabeth) of the previous landlord was still living in the village but not at the Dove Inn (suggesting that her husband had died)

Census Data from around this time reveals landlords and occupants


Viewable in greater detail:   Dove Inn Census 1871



Viewable in greater detail:  Dove Inn Census 1881


Also 1881 Census, showing Elizabeth Screwton, ex Londlord's wife, entitled 'Formerly Innkeeper'.

Viewable in greater detail Census 1881