The first record of cricket in Bishop Monkton was in 1816 when they formed a team with Bishop Thornton to play Knaresborough (thanks to the York Herald and to the Nidderdale Cricket League Archives)


                      The first report that can be found concerning a Bishop Monkton team match was in 1883                                    5th August - Ripon Gazette

Knaresborough IInds had a narrow win against Bishop Monkton on Saturday, pulling off the match by 4 runs. The last batsman on the Bishop Monkton side having left for Ripon when his services were required undoubtedly assisted Knaresborough.  Indeed it is more than probable that the absence of Hutchinson lost his colleagues the match!

                                                   The first recorded score card that has been found was in 1885                                             Saturday 11th July Pateley Bridge & Nidderdale Herald 

We didn't do very well!  Notice the low scores - the wickets were little more than a cow field


              The earliest details of the Club, Members/Officers/Patrons together with fixtures are from 1921                                          (with thanks to Howard Morland)


You can see that by then we were also running an occasional 2nd XI, matches were pretty local (possibly in a League, most clubs were on a home and away basis). The HQ was at the Mechanics Institute - we think the club was 'dry' in those days, only more recently frequenting the pubs (Lamb & Flag mainly) for meetings and after match refreshments!  The Ground is interesting - Morelands Home Farm.  Well before this we are pretty sure that the team played in the grounds of the Park (opposite Ivy House Farm) and the Home Farm ground was on the Moreland/Morland family farms'  We think it probably was a little further in from the road than the Ground at Low Farm (Ken Morland) which was used from around the time of WW2 until 2002 when the club moved to the new Village Hall & Playing Fields.  The Ground at Low Farm was known locally as 'the postage stamp' ground because it was so small!

We have several more Club Membership and Fixture cards, covering, with gaps,1930 to 1980.  We will upload these at a later date.

Various photographs of team members from 1933 to 1996 which are displayed below.  In time we will add names, where possible, and include a wide range of other information about the club

The team in 1933

Probably late 1940's?

Obviously plenty of characters in 1962

Ken Morland in 1972 - not very happy about being given out LBW.

Ken was Mr Cricket for many years, as player (Batsman and Bowler), Captain, Secretary, President, Scorer, Groundsman and, for over 50 years, providing the home ground for the club at his Low Farm.

The team in about 1985 (on the Low Farm ground)

We won the John Moore's Cup in 1981 and again here in 1987

We would like a better copy of this photo if anyone can help us!

The team in 1996

A collage of events and people across many years and different activities

In 2002 the Club moved to the new Playing Fields, using two caravans until the Hall and Pavilion were completed

When the field was 'leveled' they (farmer) provided soil for the square which the club had tested and approved by STRI Bingley.  However, what transpired was that the sample taken and tested was not representative of the whole pile that was moved in to form the square - the soil was ok but not the huge level of stones that had been hidden.  After 2 years of de-stoning the decision was made that there would always be too many in the surface and coming through to ensure that the wickets could be good, true and safe.  The club then paid nearly £5,000 for the top 2" to be removed and 200 tons of loam to be shipped in (from Accrington, Lancashire!).  Work - seeding, rolling and preparation - had to start all over again but it has produced the basis of a magnificent square, expertly tended by Alan Wigby

In 2005 the Hall and Pavilion were ready and the Club had a new magnificent home, the envy of most of the clubs throughout Nidderdale and beyond